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Whale Tail Art Maui, Hawaii

This is a limited edition art collection of colorized humpback whale flukes only available through Whale Trust Maui. Whale Trust Maui researchers took these photos in their pursuit of identifying members of the whale population on Maui.
Each fluke pattern is as distinctive as a human fingerprint. 


 This collector's series includes 32 uniquely colorized Maui humpback whale tails. After carefully inspecting hundreds of Maui humpback whale fluke photos (from Whale Trust Maui researchers) I hand selected 32 of my favorite personalities. I colorizing each fluke with passion, style and deliberation. This digital pop art then came alive on high gloss metal via dye-sublimation printing. These prints measure 24 inches wide by 16 inches tall and only 20 limited editions will be printed for each unique piece. 


All 32 colorized whale tails are also combined together to create a stunning piece. This digital pop art is high gloss metal dye-sublimation. These prints measure 24 inches wide by 30 inches tall and only 50 limited editions will be printed. 

100% of the profits benefit Whale Trust Maui’s research efforts. 2017-02-21 12-15-09

Whale Trust Maui

Whale Trust Maui is a nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research & public awareness of whales & their environment. Based on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, Whale Trust conducts & supports marine research & education programs around Maui & elsewhere throughout the Pacific Ocean.